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September 14, 2021by Sulinda admin

Women are the base of life ,women are overwhelmed with daily tasks which surely affect their health and mainly their joints and bones, so they need multivitamins to support their joints and cartilage, and that is what GENUX-S offers to you for more quality of life.


Here’s a closer look at the four main types of collagen and their roles
in your body:

Type I. This type accounts for 90% of your body’s collagen and is made of densely packed fibers. It provides structure to skin, bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue, and teeth.

Type II. This type is made of more loosely packed fibers and found in elastic cartilage, which cushions your joints.

Type III. This type supports the structure of muscles, organs, and arteries.

Type IV. This type helps with filtration and is found in the layers of your

Marine collagen is primarily a Type I collagen.

Bovine is typically a mixture of Type I and Type III.

Genux –S includes the 2 types of collagen (Marine and Bovine)


Fortigel Bovine Hydrolyzed Collagen:

is an innovative ingredient for the regeneration of jointcartilage.

Optimized specific collagen peptides of FORTIGEL have been proven to activate the growth of new cartilage by stimulating cells helping to ease joint discomfort and make the joints smooth and mobile.

The effectiveness of FORTIGEL has been scientifically proven in numerous studies.

Study :

In a study published in March 2011 by McAlindon and colleagues, the long term effect of FORTIGEL® treatment on the composition of hyaline cartilage in individuals with early knee osteoarthritis was investigated. This prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study was performed at the Tufts Medical Center in cooperation with Harvard University.

A specific type of magnetic resonance imaging (dGEMRIC) was utilized in order to visualize structural changes in cartilage tissue of the respective study participants. Overall, 30 subjects were randomized into one group receiving 10 g FORTIGEL® a day for 48 weeks and a control group receiving a placebo. Three MRI scans of the knee were performed on each subject, one at baseline, one at 24 weeks with the final scan at 48 weeks.

The analysis of the cartilage scans revealed a statistically significant increase in proteoglycan density in the medial and lateral tibial regions of the FORTIGEL® treated subjects compared to the placebo group.

Benefits of Fortigel Bovine Hydrolyzed Collagen:

Highly digestible Food

Non-allergenic Food

Scientific evidence

Based on the presented data it can be concluded that the oral administration of FORTIGEL has a beneficial effect on cartilage tissue. Consequently, supplementation of FORTIGEL peptides can contribute to the maintenance of joint health and could help to preserve mobility and quality of life.

Shell fish (Marine Collagen):

Shell fish has high protein level and low fat.

Shell fish is a rich source of vitamins like Vit B3, Vit B6 and Vit A.

Shell fish rich in minerals like Zn, Copper and iron.

Shell fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

The shells of shrimp, crab, and lobster contain very essential
component called Glucosamine

Importance of SHELL FISH (Glucosamine):

1-Osteoarthritis treatment.

2-Glucosamine Reduce joint pain.

3-Glucosmaine reduce inflammation.

Shell fish as a source of Omega-3 – Role of Omega-3 in arthritis and joint pain:

1-Omega-3s relieve symptoms of arthritis and joint pain.

2-Omega-3s reduce symptoms of inflammation and pain associated with
osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.

3-Omega-3s reduce symptoms like tender joints and duration of morning

Role of minerals found in shell fish:

Oxygen free radicals are important factor in causing arthritis, so the anti-oxidant effect of Zn, selenium and Vit E protect against this effect.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights molecules that trigger joint inflammation.

Vitamin C serves a role as a co-factor in collagen synthesis, the main protein in joint tissue and bone.

Vitamin C plays a role in fighting infection and may work to control inflammation linked to infection, which may trigger arthritis flares.

vitamin C appears to moderate the autoimmune response in rheumatoid arthritis and help prevent a worsening of the chronic condition.


Resveratrol, in simple terms, is a chemical compound found in some plants that provides a super antioxidant protector from oxidative stress and infections.

Resveratrol can act as a natural anti-inflammatory.


It’s a naturally occurring substance, found in the spice turmeric, that has anti-inflammatory effects.


researchers enrolled 139 people with symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. Their symptoms were at least moderately severe and required treatment with a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). For one month, they were given the NSAID diclofenac (50 mg, twice daily) or curcumin (500 mg, three times daily).

Here’s what this study found:

Both treatments relieved arthritis symptoms and helped to a similar degree: 94% of those taking curcumin and 97% of those taking diclofenac reported at least 50% improvement.

People reported fewer side effects with curcumin. For example, none of the study subjects taking curcumin needed treatment for stomach trouble, but 28% of those taking diclofenac needed treatment.

Those taking curcumin lost, on average, nearly 2% of their body weight in just four weeks — that’s 3.5 pounds for a 175-pound person.

Importance of GENUX-S:

1-GENUX-S is scientifically proven to regenerate joint cartilage.

2-GENUX-S Stimulates the body’s own mechanisms for maintaining
healthy joints and optimum mobility.

3-GENUX-S Promotes joint health naturally with no side effects.

4-GENUX-S has High safety profile compared to NSAID.

5-GENUX-S has High compliance.

6-GENUX-S with Palatable taste.


30 sachets with pinacolada artificial flavor.


One sachet daily

Dissolve in a glass of water , stir well and drink immediately.



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