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November 1, 2021by Sulinda admin

Vitamin-D Deficiency in KSA

A total of 132 articles studying the deficiency of vitamin D in Saudi Arabia were identified based on the initial PubMed search criteria. About 20 studies have investigated the vitamin D deficiency in healthy individuals living in Saudi Arabia and the results showed the following:

Vitamin – D deficiency in Healthy women living in KSA

Status                                                                          Percentage

Premenopausal women                                                 62 %

Postmenopausal women                                               85 %

Pregnant women                                                             50 %

Vitamin-D deficiency in healthy men, newborns, and adolescents living in KSA

Subject                                                                       Percentage

Men 20 – 40 years old                                                  66.7 %

Neonates                                                                         90 %

Children ≤15 years old (Girls)                                      62.5 %

Children ≤ 15 years old (Boys)                                    40.6

Reasons of Vitamin-D deficiency:

  • Dietary inadequacy of Vit-D, poor absorption & use.
  • Increased requirement, increased excretion.
  • Limited sunlight exposure & insufficient production in the skin.
  • Kidney or Liver dysfunction.

Health Problems of Vitamin-D deficiency

  • Loss of bone density leading to osteoporosis & fractures.
  • In Children, can cause rickets (Soft bones).
  • It’s deficiency connected to several medical conditions including
    diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, autoimmune conditions.
  • Frequent sensation of fatigue.
  • Weak immune system.

Daily recommended intake of Vitamin-D according to each age group:

Age group                                                                                                  RDI

Birth – 12 months :                                                                                400 IU

1 – 13 years old :                                                                                   600 IU

14 – 18 years old :                                                                                 600 IU

19 – 70 years old :                                                                                 600 IU

71 years and older :                                                                               800 IU

Pregnant & Breast feeding :                                                                 600 IU


Brief about Easy-D


  • Brand Name: Easy-D
  • Active Ingredient : Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol –
    active form of vitamin-D) 800 IU
  • Description : Chewable gel drops with lemon &
  • Strawberry flavor contains 800 IU of Vitamin D3
  • Dose : One gel drop taken once daily.
  • Volume : 30 chewable gel drops

Easy-D Benefits

  • Promoting healthy bones and teeth
  • supporting immune, brain, and nervous system health
  • regulating insulin levels and supporting diabetes management
  • supporting lung function and cardiovascular health
  • influencing the expression of genes involved in cancer development

Easy-D Benefits for infants & children

  • Reduces risk of rickets & Soft bones
  • Boosts the immunity
  • Reduces risk of allergic sensitization
  • Reduces risk of hypertension in kids as its deficiency causes stiffness in the arterial walls.

Easy-D features (competitive advantages):

  • Concordix dosage form features:
  1. Easy to take (Wherever .. whenever)
  2. Great taste
  3. sugar free
  4. Taken without water
  • No need for fatty meal
  1. Usually Vitamin-D supplementation is taken after fatty meal for better absorption but in Easy-D the formula already contains oil excipients so consumer won’t need any fatty meals

Easy-D features (competitive advantages):

Perfect concentration:
As it covers all the daily recommended dose of Vitamin-D in all age groups.

Easy-D Average price!
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Target Segment

  • All Healthy people who are aware with necessity of Vitamin-D
  • Pregnant & Lactating mothers
  • Postmenopausal women
  • Adult Men
  • Children above 3 years old.


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